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 Discovery Maps® are fully customised learning sessions that quickly give your employees new insights and help them reach higher levels of empowerment, performance and productivity.  When evolving business and financial strategies, mergers and acquisitions, new processes and other change initiatives are underway, crystal-clear, consistent communication that increases each employee’s alignment and commitment to change is critical. In a classroom setting, participants will work together on colourful table-sized “maps” to explore map content, discuss issues, draw conclusions, and develop new insights, motivation and commitment. Through Discovery Maps, we create experiences that transfer key knowledge and critical messages with unrivalled clarity.


Lighting up Organizational Performance

NEON BUZZ is the organizational performance game which demonstrates the benefits of leadership, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, personal accountability and more.

Learners become employees of a dysfunctional company & are challenged to increase the production of circuit boards that meet quality standards and customer requirements.  Over three working quarters, participants discover how teamwork and empowering leadership can make a world of difference. Thwarted by inefficiency, frustration and poor communication, teams are challenged to produce circuit boards that meet quality standards and customer requirements. Participants learn to work as a team committed to clear goals, efficiency, critical and creative thinking. Productivity, quality and customer satisfaction grow exponentially. 

Corporate Event Management

Whether it’s a sales summit, a management retreat, an all-employee training session, a shareholder meeting, a gathering for current and potential customers, or some other important conference, planning a corporate event is an overwhelming task for anyone who doesn’t do it professionally. You need a partner to ensure your event runs smoothly and delivers maximum impact. From annual conventions to leadership forums, Paradigm Learning Europe can coordinate every essential aspect of any corporate function.

Strategic Discovery Sessions

Translating business strategy into action depends on strong leadership. Your entire leadership team must be on board about why the strategies are needed, what needs to happen when, and who’s responsible.

Strategic Discovery Sessions™ offer a highly effective way to fast-track a key business strategy. The interactive workshops are designed to create alignment, build commitment, and ensure leadership accountability. True breakthroughs can be achieved in a single day instead of weeks or months. A Discovery Session is a large-group facilitated workshop for executive leadership, key stakeholders and operational managers responsible for executing strategies, including mission, vision, values, go-to-market strategies, culture and branding, process redesign and organizational realignment.

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