Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®

Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®


Impact5 The Business of Leadership Game® is a sophisticated and engaging leadership simulation that provides a framework for focus and decision-making. Impact5 builds the critical thinking skills that today’s leaders need to impact their companies financial, customer, and organisational results.

The five Business Impact Accountabilities™ highlight what organisations expect of their leaders today:

  1. Achieve measurable results aligned with organizational goals.
  2. Champion change to drive innovation, creativity and growth.
  3. Influence the business across organisational boundaries.
  4. Engage, develop and leverage diverse talent.
  5. Take action to become an effective, resilient and trusted leader.

Participants: Impact5 is a great fit for supervisors, managers, sales managers, emerging leaders, team leaders and fast-track individual contributor.

The Simulation: Working in small teams, participants dive into a business storyline. They are challenged to demonstrate the Business Impact Accountabilities as they interact with direct reports and peer leaders and track the impact of their (and others’) decisions on customers, the organization, and its financials. They face talent issues, make complex decisions about interdepartmental relationships, and balance tactical approaches with the strategic priorities.

Participants are engaged from start to finish as they discover how their decisions and actions affect the bottom line and how their behaviours, as part of the organization’s collective leadership team, impact its ultimate success.

Connections: With fresh insights from the simulation, participants bridge to real-world leadership issues in their own organisations. They explore the five leadership accountabilities, conduct a Leadership Focus Self-Assessment of their time and attention on these accountabilities, and learn how to use a Decision Impact Analysis tool to guide critical thinking around important decisions.

Learners are also introduced to on online resource – a website that provides over 20 critical thinking guides to help with reflection and planning back on the job. (Connections exercises are provided with Impact5, or you may work with us to customise the exercises for even deeper relevance to your issues and/or your audience.)

Learning Outcomes: Participants gain a thorough understanding of five critical Business Impact Accountabilities™ — including the execution of organizationally-aligned results, the championship of change and innovation, the influencing of the business beyond organizational barriers, the engagement and leveraging of talent, and the responsibility for enhancing personal leadership skills and effectiveness. They learn the importance of balancing the short-term and long-term as well as the tactical and strategic. They explore the power of collaboration and communication as members of a collective leadership team. They develop a higher-level understanding of their impact on financial, customer and organizational results. With these new insights, knowledge and skills, they are better able to focus their leadership time and attention and conduct a broader and more targeted analysis of leadership decisions.

Duration: Impact5 is a one-day program, incorporating a four-hour simulation and a three-hour Connections (organization-specific) session. Optional extension exercises can be modified or customised.

What our Clients say about Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®:


“It works for us as a tool among several in a unified effort to build leadership skills. It just ties everything together. We read books, we give presentations, we talk about what leadership is and how it works, but Impact5 is the way we apply everything we’ve talked about.”

Other comments:

“After attending Impact5, I strongly agree that I am better equipped to fulfil my leadership role within my organization.”

“I will definitely want to use some of the “Business Impact Accountabilities” back on the job to positively impact business results.”

“This program would benefit High Performing Individual Contributors, New or Entry Level Managers, Mid-Level Managers and Senior Managers.”