Countdown®: A Strategy Game for Project Teams

Countdown®: A Strategy Game for Project Teams

A Project Management simulation for project managers and project team members

Countdown®: A Strategy Game for Project Teams is a project management simulation that enhances the knowledge and skills of project managers and project team members. Developed in collaboration with experts, this comprehensive project management program uses a variety of discovery learning techniques to engage and energize learners as they explore the concepts, tools and behaviours of effective project management. Designed to be used quickly and easily by any company relying on project teams, Countdown® can be customized to address your unique needs or business conditions.

Countdown® immerses participants in an intense project that lasts seven simulated months. Small teams of participants move through project milestones, make critical decisions, communicate with stakeholders and manage trade-offs – all under tight deadlines and shifting information. Less than an hour into the game, teams work with a Gantt chart, estimate potential delays and costs, evaluate the critical path, assess project risks and make important decisions as they drive a project to success. But it’s more than an agile project management simulation game. It’s a serious, intensely effective learning program.

PARTICIPANTS: Project managers new to their responsibilities; project managers who would benefit from a refresher; project team members who need to understand concepts, terminology, tools and techniques.

CONNECTIONS TO YOUR BUSINESS: Exercises after the project management simulation create a bridge to participants’ work environments and project management issues. They deal with real-worldsituations, including how their company initiates projects, what’s expected of project teams, and how project success is evaluated. These exercises connect the lessons of the simulation with day-to-day behaviors and actions. (Connections exercises are provided with Countdown®, or you may wish to work with us to customize the exercises for deeper relevance to your issues and/or your audiences.)

TRAINING OUTCOMES: Participants will understand the five key processes of project management; the constraints of time, cost and requirements; how to use meetings and scope statements to clarify project sponsors’ expectations; risk evaluation and contingency planning; using critical path diagrams to determine completion goals; critical behaviors and processes used by project managers to guide success; effective personal and team behaviors for controlling a project, including communication, commitment and conflict resolution; alignment of project objectives with business value and ROI; the use of key tools; and more.

TIME FRAME: Countdown® is a one-day project management simulation game, incorporating a four-hour game session and a two-hour Connections session. Optional extension exercises can be modified or customized. We are able to customize a 2-Day project management program, which meets your organizations desired learning outcomes.

DELIVERY: We provide certified discovery learning facilitators to conduct your project management program.

What our Clients say about Countdown®: A Strategy Game for Project Teams:

“The most important thing I learned today was how to use project tools, how the tools work together especially work breakdown structures, risk management, to consider options to achieve optimum success of a project and project reviews.”

 “Countdown helps us recognize the importance of comprehensive planning before starting a project, to implement key management processes, understand how to use project management tools and to realize that important team behaviours for managing and controlling a project.”

“The “discovery learning” process contributed to my understanding.  The Connections section helped me think of ways to increase project success at my company.  The concepts and tools can be applied to all projects – to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control and to close out projects.”