Business Acumen Training

Business Acumen Training

ZODIAK: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy

Business Acumen Learning Training - Paradigm Learning Europe

Our ZODIAK training is a discovery Game of Business Finance and Strategy that builds the financial acumen of every employee. By understanding the big picture of how business works and how organisations make money, participants begin to see how their actions affect their organization’s bottom line. Relevant company information is woven throughout the Zodiak experience, resulting in a rich experience that leaves participants accountable and motivated to make a positive impact when they return to their jobs.

PARTICIPANTS: Managers, supervisors, and employees.

THE SIMULATION: Participants take the role of new owners of a struggling company and make critical operating decisions. They take out loans, attract investors, purchase equipment and materials, respond to quality issues and deliver products. They handle chance events, move game pieces and respond to investors. And they embrace new insights – not just about how the numbers work, but also about how their individual actions impact financial success. As they do so, terms such as cash flow, return on equity, working capital, cost of goods sold, and assets come vividly to life to increase their business acumen skills.

CONNECTIONS TO YOUR ORGANISATION:  With the fresh perspective of “running” a company during the simulation, participants can then explore their organisation’s strategies, processes, terminology, profit drivers, cash flow, competition and more.  (Connections exercises are provided with the simulation or you may wish to work with us to customise the exercises for deeper relevance to your issues and/or your audience.)

TRAINING OUTCOMES: Managers develop a critical leadership competency with significantly higher levels of financial literacy and business acumen. They can articulate the organization’s financial and strategic imperatives, read and interpret financial reports, align departmental and personal goals to overall company success, make better decisions and inspire others to do the same. Employees learn to think and act differently with a big-picture understanding of the company’s financial and strategic goals. They see the link between their departmental objectives and their own, where they fit, and how they can make a difference.

DURATION: Our business acumen training incorporates a four-hour business strategy game session followed by a two-hour Connections session. Optional extension exercises can be modified or customized. We can also customise a 2-Day business & financial excellence program for our clients based on their learning outcomes.

DELIVERY: We use our certified in-house facilitators to conduct your sessions.


All Industries — Manufacturing, consumer products, telecommunications, energy, and other similar organizations face tough decisions every day about processes, people, products, finances, and customers. How their leaders, managers, sales teams, and employees address these issues through a lens of business acumen is critical.
Service Organizations — Banks, insurance companies, consulting firms, and other service organizations face unique challenges, including how to manage multiple products and services, attract and retain talent, increase revenue, and contain costs. This is a balancing act made more sustainable with strong business acumen skills.
Healthcare — Health care organizations must be both disciplined and strategic in their vision for the future as they navigate a whirlwind of issues including health care reform, margin erosion, talent recruitment, and more. Success requires a workforce with strong business acumen.

What our Clients say about our business acumen training:

“The education of our sales professionals on the basics of financial literacy and business acumen was a big part of our winning that award. Business acumen is such an important part of our selling approach. If we don’t understand how our customers make money and their financial situations, how can we provide tailored solutions? We need to understand their business strategies and how they go to market. This one-of-a-kind platform helped facilitate awareness of the role we play for the customer and took the fear out of finance.”

 “The most important thing I learned today is how to read my co’s Income Statement and Balance Sheet better. I intend to study my co’s annual performance reports and identify areas which impact profits.  All my colleagues from non-financial background including junior executives and above, technical managers, project & property management and marketing staff should attend.”

“The most important thing I learned was the Interpretation of Financial Ratios.  I plan to work towards increasing profits and reducing costs to improve my company’s performance.  I rate this program a 9 out of 10.”