Our Approach using Discovery learning?

Our Approach using Discovery learning?

Discovery learning is an approach that guides learners towards discovering new ideas, understanding new concepts and creating new models of thinking and behaviour. Using stories, visuals, small-team exercises, simulations, gaming techniques, maps and models, participants are immersed in a thought-provoking and mentally stimulating environment. By placing learners in the driver’s seat, they’re accountable for their actions and can see the business and financial impacts of their decisions.

Our discovery learning training sessions are highly experiential and interactive — using stories, games, simulations, visual maps and other techniques to grab attention, build interest and lead a journey of discovery toward new thinking, actions and behaviours. They incorporate three key ideas:

  • Problem Solving: They guide and motivate learners to find solutions by pulling together information and generalizing knowledge.
  • Learner Management: They allow participants, working alone or in small teams, to learn in their own ways and at their own pace.
  • Integrating and Connecting: They encourage the integration of new knowledge into the learner’s existing knowledge base and clearly connect to the real world.

Discovery learning ensures learners’ are engaged at all times. Participants may be manipulating pieces on a game board, working with others to make a decision, or gathering seemingly disconnected pieces of information to solve a problem — but they’re actually learning!

Discovery learning simply accelerates the educational process and results in higher levels of retention than more traditional learning approaches do. Its benefits are well documented:

  • Training time is condensed
  • Programs are fun, fast-paced and energising
  • Participants absorb course content via active participation
  • Sessions are highly customisable
  • Knowledge retention is high

With training time in short supply, and knowledge in great demand, discovery learning can help organisations offer training that works quickly and effectively.