Zodiak – Our 2-Day Business Acumen Program

Zodiak – Our 2-Day Business Acumen Program

Business Acumen Learning - Award winning products and services, Paradigm Learning Europe

Business Acumen Training – Award-winning products and services, Paradigm Learning Europe

At Paradigm Learning Europe, our most popular training session is a 2-Day Business Acumen Program. Depending on the objectives of our clients, the choice of program, solution or business game selected, details of the 2-Day Program may differ. We have provided below an idea of how a typical 2-Day Business Acumen Program is conducted:

Example for a 2-Day Business Acumen Program using our one-of-a-kind business simulation:


Financial illiteracy in the managerial ranks can be a crippling weakness for organizations… If you don’t know what goes into a number, you can hardly know how to improve it” Karen Berman & Joe Knight co-authors of Financial Intelligence (Harvard Business Press).

Programme Design and Development

Targeted Learning Outcomes

  • Develop Business Acumen: Understand how business strategies and decisions impact sales, profits, cash flow and the Company’s financial position
  • Develop Business Analytical Skills: Comprehend and tell the story behind the company’s financial numbers
  • Develop Business Intelligence:  Know which data to use for decision-making, monitoring trends, spotting opportunities
  • Drive Productivity and Profits: Identify the drivers of productivity to increase sales and output per unit cost of production; optimise the use of labour and capital
  • Change Behaviors: Translate business intelligence insights to positive behaviours to improve those numbers
  • Monitor and Enhance Performance: Through a Dashboard of numbers/ratios that matter

Programme Outline and Structure

Two Days Programme Outline (specimen only: Day 2 can be customized differently depending on business issues and gaps relating to specific groups of people to be trained)

  • Day 1:  Participants will build their business acumen and financial literacy by playing Paradigm Learning’s award-winning business simulation. Day one will be a fun, fast-paced introduction to all the business and financial knowledge participants will need to successfully drive high performance outcomes. Some basic connections to the organisation will also be made on day one.
  • Day 2: The programme will use customised business scenarios, constructed with inputs from subject matter experts, to help the participants build sound business cases based on pertinent financial analysis and business intelligence insights. Skills for making effective financial and business decisions will be explored and each participant will develop an action plan to implement back in their workplace.