Our Clients

Our Clients

Many of the top Fortune 500 companies we work with are using Paradigm Learning’s training programs to develop their business knowledge, skills and insights in the fields of:

  • Business and Financial Acumen
  • Project Management
  • Leadership Accountability
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Talent Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Employee Alignment and Engagement

Hyundai Motor Company (Singapore)

Client: Hyundai Motor Company (Singapore)

“It works for us as a tool among several in a unified effort to build leadership skills. It just ties everything together. We read books, we give presentations, we talk about what leadership is and how it works, but Impact5 is the way we apply everything we’ve talked about.”

Businesss Needs: Leadership Accountability and Development
Products Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®

How Kent State University Discovers a New Way of Thinking

Client: Kent State University

Kent State University needed its managers to think like business executives but in an academic environment. Establishing a basic understanding of business finance and leadership accountability was essential to meeting this goal. By using our powerful business acumen simulation as well as Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®, Kent State has accomplished what it set out to do.

Businesss Needs: Business Acumen and Financial Literacy
Products Business Acumen Training

How Xcel Energy Is Playing Serious Business Games

Client: Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy, a regulated electric and natural gas company serving key regions of the United States, used our interactive business acumen simulation to increase the level of business acumen for key members of its workforce. As a result, almost immediately, employees began to see the bigger financial picture, which led to new levels of productivity, efficiency, and overall success at the company.

Businesss Needs: Business Acumen and Financial Literacy
Products Business Acumen Training

Kraft Foods

Client: Kraft Foods

“Our organization was at the tipping point where people realize change management delivers value, and they want to know how to do it. We’re able to show them the parts and pieces and let them see what is important, and Right Turns has been a catalyst.”

Businesss Needs: Organizational Change and Change Management
Products Right Turns: Organisational Change Management

Clarian Health

Client: Clarian Health

“We have used action learning and discovery learning tools and processes to guide many conversations. One such experience designed by Paradigm Learning, called Mosaic: The Art of Talent Leadership®, helped leaders discuss issues critical to the different stages of the employee experience. In just a few hours, our leaders worked in teams to discuss activists touching each stage of the employee experience – attracting, retaining and transitioning – based on their own business needs and experiences” 

Businesss Needs: Leadership Accountability and DevelopmentTalent Development and Management
Products Mosaic: The Art of Talent Leadership®

How Accelerated Its Managers’ Learnings

Client: Expedia
Solution:, the world’s leading online travel provider, relies heavily on project teams to tackle the complex sales, operational and customer service issues that require increasing speed and efficiency. Fortunately, Expedia managers better understand how to manage projects and interpret financial results because of the training they’ve received from Paradigm Learning’s Countdown®: A Strategy Game for Project Teams and our award-winning business acumen simulation.

Businesss Needs: Business Acumen and Financial Literacy
Products Business Acumen Training